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Tokyo-to Arakawa-ku Arakawa 4-25-8 Saurusmansion101

We have been doing this job for more than 40 years in Arakawa-Ku city, we have been working with the local tenants and helping foreigners that are visiting/staying in Japan from various countries. Furthermore, we will make use of our experience to help you start your life in Japan smoothly, even for short-term visitors who have been increasing in recent years.

Procedures for renting of rooms

1. Focus on the area and the type of room you want

Set your conditions by : Commuting time, Bearable monthly rent, Surroundings, Necessary space and equipment, etc.

2. Contact and inquiry

If you found the rooms you like, contact us. We may have another option if you present your conditions or requirements.

3. Check the room by yourself

Once you found the room you like see and check the actual location by yourself. Clarify your unclear points as many as possible. Don’t forget to check the surroundings and sunniness of the room.

4. Apply to move in

Fill up the application form at our office once you made up your mind.

5. Contract

Stamp your seal on the documents of lease contract after you filled and confirmed the document. Feel free to ask the agent for full explanation about your questions. Make sure to stamp your seal (sign the contract) after clarifying any of your unclear matters. With completing all documents and paying all necessary initial cost before due date, you will finish all contracting process.

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